Satellites in the Night
March 14 - April 19, 2010
Freies Museum Berlin

The three floors of Freies Museum Berlin align for Satellites, three separately curated exhibitions that investigate different spheres and the poetics of “orbital,” outer, and inner space – from confined buildings, to the environment and vast nature, and beyond the atmospheric limits reaching into the alien cosmos.

Working independent of one another at the outset of this collaboration, Hannes Bend, Trong G. Nguyen, and Emilie Trice have put together shows from varying curatorial perspectives over the three levels of the Freies Museum building. The triumvirate of exhibitions, with their own subtitles, represent the first collaboration between the Berlin-based Bend and Trice, and New Yorker Nguyen.

Satellites in the Night explores the “night-life” of modern technology - the 'dark' possibility spaces of its emergent properties. 'Satellites' refers to tethered, remote objects as well as the transmissive medium, where data flow and communication take place. From black hole paintings by Johanna Tiedtke and warped sculptures of Robert Lazzarini, to the Lego installations of Knud Young Lunde, these works not only illuminate the poetic side of nature and science, but also its playful countenance. The title also implicates the geographic “satellites” of the art world, comprising artists and curators who locate themselves internationally, in a larger meshwork.

Christine de la Garenne, Johanna Tiedtke, John von Bergen, Jomar Statkun, Robert Lazzarini, Knud Young Lunde, Maxime Ballesteros, Trong Gia Nguyen