The result of an incredible team effort: just won "Best Presentation Award" at the AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) Spring Symposia, panel “Wellbeing Computing: AI meets Health and Happiness Science,” Stanford University
Paper link

Spring 2016: The project "Reef ReCreation" was selected and funded for realization as part of the Miami-Dade Rising Sea Levels Public Art Program. Grateful to continue working with Robert Cabral, Robert Primeau and the nonprofit PRoject Baseline to find a functional ecolocigal solution for an artificial reef on the ecological catastrophe of the 'Osborne Reef' in the Atlanatic Ocean
New website for Reef ReCreation project with updated progress here

May/June 2016: Grateful to work on the realization of the project "metaNoYa" in the community of Jamaica, Queens alongside wonderful projects of other NYC-based artists selected for the Jamaica Flux 2016 public art program in NYC.

Selected from international call to participate in the Third Culture Projects at the University of Oregon by the Oregon Arts Commission in 2014
Subsequently, the project "metaverses" was commissioned by the University of Oregon and the Oregon Arts Commission for realization from 2014-2016.

In 2014/2015, research and projects were presented at the SLSA conference, Boston University, Toward a Science of Consciousness (Helsinki University), University of Wisconsin-Madison and will be coming up at the SLSA 2015 at Rice University and 2015 Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities a2ru National Conference at Virginia Tech, organized and hosted by The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities.

Selected for the AIM program of the Bronx Museum in winter 2014, culminating in the Bronx Museum Biennale exhibition 2015

Project Reef ReCreation to be developed in collaboration with the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan

Participant of ASI program of the Lower Manhattan City Council (LMCC) in New York in August 2013

Artist-in-Residence on board the Sea Dragon of the non-profit organization Pangaea Explorations in summer 2013 for scientific research trip on plastic pollution in the Great Lakes.

LegalArt Residency in February and March 2013

exhibition IN & OUT, 2004/2013 at Souterrain Berlin, January 2013

Work column in Agency of Unrealized Projects at daadgalerie Berlin, Sep/Oct 2012

exhibition Situation Range at LegalArt Miami 2012

exhibition eclipse at Charest-Weinberg 2012