'Awere' is an art project by hannes bend, Maria Mishurenko, Gordey Chernyy and Kyle Wilson from 2017

Here a video of the virtual reality (VR) experience with breath biofeedback.

The gamified learning VR experience focuses on enjoyable deep breathing and the ability to incorporate biofeedback.
An abstract environment, inhabited by animated creatures, adapts and responds to each player’s breathing patterns in real-time. The player holds the Gear VR controller pressed against the belly allowing the breathing to be tracked via an accelerometer and a microphone input. The player navigates the digital environment at will and chooses whether they want to move up towards the sun or to complete the level. The soundscape is generated in real time in response to biofeedback from the player.

'Awere' merges mindfulness and well-being with technology, and creates personalized, fun, and embodied experiences as an unexplored realm. A fair percentage of users share frustration of being isolated in VR experiences and that discourages them from exploring opportunities VR can offer.
'Awere' allows for full immersion with spatial sound of the medium to let the user rejuvenate themselves through controlled breathing exercises.

Deep breathing, games and VR can be useful for:
- Anxiety and stress reduction
- Focus and concentration
- Relaxation and tranquility
- Influencing pro-environmental behavior
- Facilitating sense of well-being and joy
- Release of body fat
- Increasing internal awareness
- Learning mindfulness

'Awere' demo session focuses on breathing practices scientifically studied to resist injection of e.coli bacteria and drastically improve immune system: https://www.wimhofmethod.com/science. Deep breathing is not only the entry point to many forms of meditation, but it helps to soothe the nervous system and enhances emotional balance and memory recall.
Our team believes an embodied and immersive VR experience, with biofeedback, can result in more environmental and personal (internal) awareness. The experience is versatile, it can be setup in community centers, public spaces, or in one’s own room. We believe 'Awere' can help support the wellbeing of people and the planet.

'Awere' can also function as an accessible breathing guide. For instance a large urban area like NYC has only a few breathing teachers available. Optional developments include a multi-player functions so friends can breathe together in-sync and enjoy a calming company.

The team

Our team members have been integrating contemplative practices into daily life with technology in many projects. Recently we have been creating the public art project 'SEAing Breath': www.seaingbreath.com, VR biofeedback project for the ‘Sea Level Rise’ public art program for the University of Miami and Miami-Dade County in conjunction with researchers, activists and organizations.

Images are presentations of 'Awere' at art/mindfulness event at Sixth Street Community Center in NYC and at the Science & Nonduality Conference 2017 in San Jose, CA.