Candy cast of Greek / Doric column

Included in the Agency of Unrealized Projects (devised by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Julia Peyton-Jones, Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle)

It is a sequence of instructions that generates a column. That sequence of instructions can then be stored and become the DNA of the work of art.
– Manuel DeLanda

Proposal text for an Outdoor Sculpture Garden, March 2010:
The Doric column is a universal symbol of strength, stability, power and grandeur -since the ancient Greece- still relevant today. Obama, for example, faced criticism during his presidential campaign 2008 for the 'hubris' he displayed by speaking at an outdoor stadium decorated with Greek columns.
Over a period of a few weeks, battered by sun, rain and dirt from the harsh urban atmosphere, the 9 foot candy column will dissolve.
Sugar, likewise, is an archaic yet lasting substance, enduring adaptation throughout time and cultures. Sugar is both an organic and industrialized material omnipresent in human life—originating in nature, found in 3,300-year-old Egyptian catacombs in the form of honey and existing in almost every product on supermarket shelves. The destruction of two time-tested tokens of civilization (column and candy) via the physical elements of an urban environment tastes of mortality and fragility—our own, our cultures and that of epochs past.